Cyber-attacks are evolving on a daily basis, so does CSOC capabilities. HAWKEYE CSOC solution powered by DTS Solution uses advanced security analytical tools along with a team of experts who breath security to monitor and kill cyber-attack attempts at ground level.

One of the major challenges for any Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is managing customer data. Customers are different and each customer deserves their data to be protected and kept private while still managed well. At HAWKEYE, we religiously follow these principles and believe that TRUST is what drives our business.

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Key Features

Meet HAWKEYE CSOC WIKI, a platform developed internally to manage customers data and incidents with utmost privacy and security.

CSOC WIKI is a product of lot of brain storming on concerns regarding how to manage customers data separately while ensuring faster Responses to Incident. So, we embraced multi tenancy.

CSOC WIKI enables us to track each customer incident separately and follow the incident response workflows, playbooks and escalation procedures efficiently.

  • Start to End Process Flow: CSOC WIKI tracks and guides the complete SOC process life cycle from onboarding till offboarding. Every bit of communication is documented for future reference.
  • Multi-Tenancy: CSOC WIKI stores and manages each customer’s data separately. SOC analysts have access to the incidents and documents specific to the assigned customers.
  • Management Dashboards: CSOC WIKI Management Dashboards enable SOC Managers to have a bird's-eye view of all the incidents and Threat Case requests for each customer and engage the right resources to respond to the requests faster.
  • Threat Case Tracking: Each Threat/Use Case will have different requirements and thresholds. CSOC WIKI tracks Threat Case requests for each user and enables to follow the threat case deployment work flow from data collection to deployment efficiently.
  • Incident Tracking: CSOC WIKI’s Incident Tracking system enables in tracking each incident whether it was reported by the SIEM solution or customer and systematically respond to the incidents at the earliest.
  • Shift Handover: SOC Monitoring and Analysis is a round the clock process, involving multiple analysts. This may cause the risk of miscommunication between analysts when the shift is handed over to the next analyst. CSOC WIKI’s Shift Handover feature and procedure ensures that any tasks or incidents which needs to be handed over to the next analyst is communicated well. All the tasks to be handed over is documented and passed on as part of the Shift Handover process.
  • Escalation Matrix: Each organization has different incident response workflows and escalation procedure. CSOC WIKI tracks the Escalation Workflow for each customer which enables analysts to report priority incidents through the right channel without any room for confusion.
  • CSOC Wiki Library: CSOC WIKI features a library to store all the SOC processes and playbook documents at the fingertip. Analysts can refer to these documents and workflows and respond faster without any uncertainty.
  • Operations Management: The complete SOC process with HAWKEYE will be managed by CSOC WIKI. Process flows like Change Management, Configuration Management and Communication Management is tracked and practiced for the clients.


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