If you are a managed service provider, a consulting or advisory firm or a general technology systems integrator looking to offer your clients the capabilities of a cyber security operations center.

We are your new best friend. We keep our eyes on the security needs of each one of your unique clients, so you can stay focused on making your customers happy and growing your business.

"Hackers Don’t Sleep, Neither Do We.
Hunting Cyber Adversaries With HawkEye"

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Partner Program Benefits

We Got It Handled
We think about your clients’ security all day, so you don’t have to. HAWKEYE‘s always on-the-clock monitoring won’t let you miss a thing.

Detect & Deflect
You can’t be in the dark when it comes to your clients’ security. With HAWKEYE, there are no surprises. With some of the most advanced machine learning in the industry, we detect the indicators of an attack before you’re breached. But we don’t just flag an alert and disappear. Once the machines do their job, our team immediately step in to break down your Risk Score and what needs to happen next.

Custom & Focused
Monitor the activity your clients care about, ignore the stuff they don’t. We customize your HAWKEYE experience to analyze and detect exactly what you need it to. Our machine learning adapts to the behaviors of your clients’ specific cloud, network and users to create a customized definition of “anomalous activity” unique to their organization. We even give your clients a custom Cyber Risk Score that makes their security easy to understand.


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